Feature of JOA Collegan Ampoule

Remarkable changes in the skin!
It helps keep the skin resilient.
The ingredients will keep the skin moisturized.
The Collagen our moisturizer densely fills between the textures of the skin, dramatically lifting.
The dull and imbalanced complexion becomes bright and refreshed.
The moisturizing film forms on dry skin, keeping the skin moisturized.

JOA Collagen Ampoule reaches the action range of cell layer after properly passing through the protective film of skin, and provides the most effective
In addition, various ingredients are contained in high concentration to help reach the best condition in metabolic process of skin cells.
It permeates into skin without stickiness and removes dryness of skin, delivers nutrition, and keeps the skin moisturized.

What is the collagen?

Collagen is an ingredient that accounts for about 70% of the dermis of lower epidermis and rapidly reduces after 20’s, causing wrinkles in the skin.

The collagen extracted from fish scales if similar to the components of the dermis layer of the skin, and plays the role of connecting the skin cells. Moreover, collagen has excellent moisture retention and adds elasticity to the skin, keeping it shiny and elastic.